ePoster - FLOODLIGHT AAN 2018 - Remote Self-Monitoring is Accepted by Patients and Provides Meaningful, Continuous Sensor-Based Outcomes Consistent With and Augmenting Conventional In-Clinic Measures

Dec 01, 2021 by [X Montalban, P Mulero, L Midaglia, J Graves, SL Hauser, L Julian, M Baker, J Schadrack, C Gossens, A Scotland, F Lipsmeier, G Pointeau, C Bernasconi, S Belachew, M Lindemanna]

FLOODLIGHT is a prospective pilot study to assess the feasibility of remote patient monitoring using smartphones and smartwatches in patients with MS and healthy controls. This analysis reports interim results of adherence, results from a patient satisfaction questionnaire (PSQ) and correlations between smartphone-based and in-clinic tests from FLOODLIGHT.

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