ELCC oral 2019: Entrectinib in NTRK Fusion-Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): Integrated Analysis of Patients Enrolled in STARTRK-2, STARTRK-1 and ALKA-372-001

Apr 11, 2019 by [Paz-Ares L, Doebele R, Farago AF, Liu SV, Chawla SP, Tosi D, Kim ES, Blakely CM, Krauss JC, Sigal D, Bazhenova L, John T, Besse B, Wolf J, Seto T, Chow-Maneval E, Ye C, Simmons B, Demetri GD]

Entrectinib is an oral, potent and selective ROS1/NTRK/ALK tyrosine kinase inhibitor that is CNS active. It is a more potent ROS1 inhibitor than crizotinib and was designed to cross the blood–brain barrier and remain within the CNS. This is a pooled analysis of three studies of entrectinib focusing on patients with NTRK-fusion-positive NSCLC.

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