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Types of Water for the Reconstitution of CellCept Oral Suspension

This letter responds to your request for information on CellCept® (mycophenolate mofetil) oral suspension and the types of water that can be used for reconstitution.


Refer to the preparation instructions provided in the locally approved product label for more information. Any deviation from this information is considered off-label and any treatment decisions based on such deviations are the full responsibility of the prescribing physician.

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Last updated August 10, 2023

Table 1. Types of water and whether they are appropriate for reconstituting CellCept oral suspension

Type of Water - Purified,Distilled,Purified and sterilised,Sterilized only,Boiled / Pasteurised,Tap,Water for injection,Water for irrigation if Appropriate for reconstituting CellCept.
Notes: *Distilled water is water purified by distillation. †Water for injection or irrigation may be appropriate if it is purified water. The pharmacist or HCP would need to double check with the supplier.

Roche has data available for reconstitution of CellCept oral suspension with purified water only and cannot recommend reconstitution with any other type of water.

Importance of water purity

The purity of the water used to reconstitute CellCept oral suspension is an important consideration.[1] Many patients treated with immunosuppressant drugs (including CellCept) are at increased risk of opportunistic infection (bacterial, fungal, viral, and protozoal).[2] Therefore, only purified water should be used to reconstitute CellCept.


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