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Evrysdi and Exposure to Airport Security X-ray Equipment

This medicinal product is subject to additional monitoring. This will allow quick identification of new safety information. Healthcare professionals are asked to report any suspected adverse reactions.

This article responds to your request for information on Evrysdi® (risdiplam) and exposure to airport security x-ray equipment.

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Last updated September 05, 2023

Background information

Airport security x-ray equipment typically emit low doses of radiation. The dose of radiation that scanned objects typically receive from security x-ray equipment is 1 millirad or less.[1] For comparison, people receive on average a radiation dose of about 620 millirad each year. Half of this dose comes from natural background radiation.[1,2]

Effect of x-ray security equipment on Evrysdi

The FDA states that there are no known adverse effects from eating food, or taking medicine that have been irradiated by x-ray equipment used for security screening.[1]

Roche has not tested the effect of radiation emitted by security x-ray equipment on the stability of Evrysdi solution. Exposure to the level of radiation emitted by such devices and the radiation experienced in a typical airplane flight is not expected to impact Evrysdi solution.[1]


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