Evrysdi and Food

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This article responds to your request for information on the administration of Evrysdi® (risdiplam) with food.

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Last updated September 05, 2023

Administration of Evrysdi after food or drink

Effect of food on risdiplam

Food, in the form of high-fat, high calorie meals, has no relevant effect on the exposure of risdiplam.[1]

Timing of Evrysdi with food in Roche clinical trials

In the clinical trials, Evrysdi was administered with a morning meal or after breastfeeding. Following drug administration, patients rinsed their mouth water and swallowed to ensure the drug was completely swallowed. For those unable to swallow or who had a feeding tube, the drug was administered by bolus via a feeding tube. The tube was then flushed with water.[2,3]

The rationale for administering Evrysdi after food or milk was to help prevent a dose being forgotten or taken twice in error by linking the dose to a meal.[1]

Precaution against mixing Evrysdi with food or drink

Mixing Evrysdi with food or drink has not been studied and therefore is not recommended.[4] In addition, if mixed with food or drink, there is no guarantee that the full dose will be taken if the patient does not finish the meal or drink.


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